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I'm a million years behind but still...



I can't handle all the abuse to poor Wilson T_____T

I need more episodes


Writer's Block: Oh no not I

When was the first time that you stood up for yourself? Were your actions justifiable? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

LOL, everyone else did this at like age 5 or something.. but it took me until I was 15 to actually stand up for myself OTL||| *fail*
I know I'm insanely late with this but...why was that so popular?
Felt like they took the plot from a handbook on how to write Hollywood blockbusters :|
Main character wasn't a reluctant hero as the back of the DVD described..they just didn't write a personality in for him!! (at least until he decided to go all politician on them all and unite all the clans..in a day..) Every time they got to an opportunity for some character development they cut away to the next scene of over the top music and sweeping scenery :| (and dodgy themes "We'll fight terror with terror" eh?)


After all of that

After all of the shit they put us through when we tried to scramble together pictures for the prospectus with 0% help from the fucking tutors of the courses we were representing- they used 3 pictures from our whole group's work and none of mine, of course |D

Thanks for going behind our backs SEC. You can stick with your mundane, irrelevant, out-of-focus and pixelated photography, I'll go find something enjoyable to photograph instead :)
Nobody will want to do your rubbish degree courses anyway. They're not even running my course next year :| how reassuring is that.

They didn't even tell us they'd released the goddamn thing. Cowards.

I actually feel mildly tempted to make my own prospectus and give that to them.. but it was so much effort just getting the pictures I did get XD idk, that might be my inner troll talking there.

Cosplay Wig collection

As I said in my previous entry, I'd borrowed my college's lighting kit for a weekend.
Also a while ago Rhiannon had wanted to take photos of me wearing all my wigs- which is basically what we did.

My love of filing/organising overwon my dislike of my face |DCollapse )

So, yeah :D
(btw, that Rei wig is unstyled atm and also I fail at facial expressions)
Help me feel less embarassed by posting your collections too ;D ;D ;D

if anyone (SG-wise) wants to borrow anything at some point, feel free- although there's not the greatest selection atm

Lighting Kit return

I think I'm late to return the lighting kit OTL
My alarm didn't go off so I woke up at 9:30...and haven't bothered rushing.
Which I really should because I want to get back to watch Wimbledon OTL

And after three days of using the kit I think I much prefer natural light anyway hahaha typical. |D

Okay!!! I need to leave the house!! Stop putting it off, myself!!!

Manblog, Manblog, you can read my manblog

I've been meaning to post this for awhile so here we go XD

Basically it all started with this video. Where we covered Lady Gaga and replaced the words with lyrics about tumblr.

I showed my sister this and then one day, when she was supposed to be doing homework (and I was supposed to be tidying my room), she decided to devise her own tumblr versions of songs (to which I basically beta'd).

They probably make more sense when you hear her sing them but they're still pretty funny XDXD
Original lyrics were taken from various lyric sites/youtube |D


BlogrollCollapse )

Gotta have blogsCollapse )

Every post you makeCollapse )

ManblogCollapse )

Low tolerance

My tolerance to caffeine is terrible.
I only drank one cup of coffee and I'm already a bit jittery.
The good thing about this is I now feel like I can edit a million pictures and finish my case study without falling asleep.
The bad thing is I just want to keyboard smash instead of writing actual words.

dskjgkdjjgjsfjgjk;thklfnkldfnjgfmldfhnkgfnkl can't wait till I've handed in.



Oh man, I'm so addicted.

Mikado auhsdjdgjdjkdk ♥
, not good. I need to do work XDXDXD and the spring season starts soon.. it all looks too awesome!! I really need a time machine to make room for all these things I need to do OTL


So what exactly is it?


What makes someone mature and someone immature?

It's pretty annoying to be called immature by a 40 yr old man who hangs out with and constantly gushes over an 18 yr old boy and who winds up my mum for fun :|